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Productivity Coaching

Productivity coaching is a collaborative process of getting organized.  You will work closely with me communicating via phone and/or video meetings. I am available for daily, weekly, and monthly calls, as well as some different and interesting challenges as you work on new projects or through lifestyle changes.

  • Simplified lifestyle coaching
  • Project/Task management
  • Digital organizing
  • Home or business office organization
  • Time and energy management coaching

Academic Life Coaching

Assist students and families with utilizing strategies for a more organized approach to learning at home and at school based on student’s learning and thinking styles. Student organizing includes the following:

  • Student and Family Assessment and Review
  • Space management of bedroom or study area
  • Time and task management coaching
  • Strategies for paper organization
  • Organizers/checklists for routine or project management
  • Executive Function skills strategies and tools


Simple Organization offers productivity seminars, student workshops, parent seminars, and organizing presentations for groups.  Contact me for a presentation designed for you or your organization!

Student seminar at Atlanta Expo

Most popular topics:

  • How to Prioritize When Everything is Important
  • Reclaiming Your Time
  • Organizational Strategies for Students
  • Manage Your Energy, Not Just Your Time
Small group productivity coaching for business owners

Online Courses

No time in your schedule for coaching sessions?  Simple Organization has an online school! Several courses are available for academic life coaching and productivity coaching to work at your pace.  Check us out on Teachable.

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