Holidaze? Keep Calm and Plan

Both fall and winter bring much anticipation and energy around various holidays.  So many of us find ourselves busy with endless tasks of decorating, cooking, baking, events, gift wrapping, sending cards, parties…the list is endless.  Much of these activities are happening right in the middle of the busy life that you already have!  Wondering ifContinue reading “Holidaze? Keep Calm and Plan”

Summer = Time-gained, not time lost

We’ve all heard about the amount of learning that students lose during the summer break.  But one important thing to know is that summer does not necessarily mean that time will be lost.  Here are three tips to help your child gain time during the summer!   Tip #1-Read:  Parents often ask, “What can IContinue reading “Summer = Time-gained, not time lost”

5 Steps to Organizing Kids’ Schoolwork at Home

Recently, I saw an Instagram post of a family participating in an annual burning of their children’s many worksheets, workbooks, and unnecessary papers to celebrate the end of the school year.  I was quite proud of the paper-burning mom’s attempt to declutter and to rid her home of paper clutter. It reminded me of questionsContinue reading “5 Steps to Organizing Kids’ Schoolwork at Home”

3 Quotes from Prince to Keep You Organized

Don’t worry about the rules and  methods that you keep reading about. Just take action and be determined to master the mess!                      Be prepared.  The unexpected happens. Keep emergency kits, copies of important legal and financial documents, and extra pairs of clothes and snacks (for theContinue reading “3 Quotes from Prince to Keep You Organized”

3 Key Action Tips to Reclaim Your Energy

  Most of the time when we think about decluttering, we think of cleaning off our kitchen counters, organizing our workspaces, and finding the space we need in our closets.  But lately, I find myself drained, tired, and overwhelmed to the point where it’s difficult to tackle my household and family needs because I’m depleted both mentally and emotionally.  ThisContinue reading “3 Key Action Tips to Reclaim Your Energy”

Student Organizing 101

Many families search for ways to get into a new routine or to get back on track during the school year.  Below are my top tips for creating and maintaining systems for your children at home and school. Assess your child(ren)’s time with the 24-hour wheel (attached).    Choose a day of the week. Fill inContinue reading “Student Organizing 101”