Summer = Time-gained, not time lost

We’ve all heard about the amount of learning that students lose during the summer break.  But one important thing to know is that summer does not necessarily mean that time will be lost.  Here are three tips to help your child gain time during the summer!


Tip #1-Read:  Parents often ask, “What can I do to help my child with his/her reading over the summer?”  More often than not, they are looking for the best workbooks, apps, camps, or programs.  But the truth is, the #1 way to gain reading skills is for your child to just read.  Read whatever he/she enjoys–graphic novels, sports magazines, humorous fiction, a favorite series, nonfiction, whatever! Sure, your child also needs to tackle the summer reading requirements (if any) from school, but find time to let them get lost in a good story.

Tip #2-Relax:  Don’t overschedule your summer.  Give you and your child permission to rest. The school year can be pretty demanding for families.  Develop aimage summer schedule that works for your family.  If your kids enjoy sleeping in, then allow them that opportunity.  If mealtime is important to your family, then don’t rush through lunch just to make sure your child gets that math practice in.  Enjoy your downtime and schedule your child’s work time.  Use Time Timer as a visual way to keep track of your child’s work time.  When the timer goes off, it’s done.  Allow him/her to go back to the activities that are enjoyable.  Click here to view the various products offered from TimeTimer.


Tip #3-Rejuvenate passions:  All camps do not need to be academic or focused on your child’s weakness(es).  Allow your child time to enjoy his/her passions without the typical worries of arranging their hobby around their school schedule.  It’s their summer, too!  Check out the daily themes in this family’s summer schedule.image

These are just a few ideas for creating a summer where time is gained and not lost.  If you’re headed back to school in a few weeks, it’s not too late to start with some of these tips!  The key is consistency, not duration.

Interested in jump-starting your child for back-to-school, schedule a Student Assessment and observation to help your child gain organizing and time-management skills to prepare for the upcoming school year!


Your organizing coach,




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